Hayden W.


Originally from Dallas, Hayden currently lives in Connecticut pursuing his MBA at the Yale School of Management. Before grad school, Hayden worked in the tech and education industries, focusing on product management and corporate strategy. His first job after graduating from the University of Southern California was launching an EdTech startup that made ACT test-prep software using a proprietary machine learning algorithm to help students be more efficient and targeted with their test-prep.

Hayden’s involvement in tutoring and education spans from teaching summer school immersion programs at the Boys & Girls club, to tutoring the ACT and homework skills, to even volunteering for School Board elections within the Dallas public school system.

When he is not in school himself, Hayden enjoys running, photography, watching the Dallas Cowboys & USC Trojans lose heart-breaking football games, and being outside.


Education & Qualifications
  • Yale University, MBA Candidate
  • University of Southern California, BS in Business Administration
  • Business
  • GMAT
  • MBA Strategy