Henry grew up in Portland, Oregon playing, soccer, baseball, and basketball before defecting to performing arts and becoming a professional classical ballet dancer. He danced in both Pennsylvania and Utah before leaving the dance world to attend college at Columbia University. Henry graduated with a B.A. in biology with Latin honors and performed wet lab neuroendocrinology research and clinical neurosurgery research. During college, Henry rekindled his love of sports as the first male synchronized swimmer in the Ivy League. Henry also became interested in health policy during college and volunteered doing tobacco control political advocacy. After graduating, Henry continued to work in politics as the western region director of the Preventing Tobacco Addiction Foundation supervising the foundation’s interests in all the states west of Colorado. 

Henry has tutored students of all ages in math and science, while also tutoring high school students in the SAT subject tests in chemistry and physics. He was also an MCAT tutor for a different firm where he designed their MCAT curriculum.

Henry recently moved back to New York to attend the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. When not studying (or tutoring) you may see him running in Riverside park or feeding his Star Wars and print media addictions while drinking iced coffee.

Education & Qualifications
  • Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, MD (expected 2020)
  • Columbia University, BA in Biology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Political Science
  • Statistics
  • MCAT
  • Testimonial Citation: 
    "Henry exceeded all my expectations as a tutor. From my first ~five-minute call with him, I felt comfortable because he had a clear plan. He came into our first session prepared - he did not just come to react to my questions, he came with an agenda for how I was going to achieve the score I wanted. Rather than go through material I had already learned, he taught me how to re-teach myself and how to study myself. This proved to be far more valuable than simply going over content. Again - this is beyond what ordinary tutors do. In other words, he taught me how to fish rather than giving me fish. He taught me how to learn from my mistakes... Henry is a consummate professional. He was always on time, came to sessions prepared, and was stunningly responsive outside of sessions. He took our time together seriously and we used our time efficiently. I felt like I was getting the attention I needed in and out of session- Henry took the time to check-in and help identify potential issues before I was even conscious that there were any issues to address."
    Testimonial Source: 
    (Alec, MCAT Student)