Ilya E.


Ilya was born in Odessa, Ukraine. He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area when he was two years old and stayed there through his undergraduate and graduate studies. He received undergraduate degrees in both physics and mathematics from UC Berkeley, graduating summa cum laude. His PhD was awarded at Stanford, where he studied physics with focus in theoretical condensed matter. He is currently a Harvard Quantum Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University doing research in condensed matter physics. 

Ilya has been tutoring in one way or another since high school, where he would regularly help friends and family members with math and science. As an undergraduate, he was a teaching assistant for courses in Thermodynamics and Electricity and Magnetism. He also co-founded and co-taught a course for community college transfer students to the Berkeley Physics department.  At Stanford, Ilya worked as a teaching assistant nearly every quarter, teaching physics from the undergraduate to graduate level. During this time he received the Paul H. Kirkpatrick award for excellence among graduate teaching assistants. Ilya is always delighted to engage with students of all levels, and will go to great lengths to make concepts easy to understand and master.

Outside of research, Ilya loves to spend time with his wife and two daughters, and enjoys playing the guitar and reading about the history of science.


Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard University, Postdoctoral Fellow in Physics
  • Stanford University, PhD in Physics
  • University of Waterloo, M.Sc in Theoretical Physics
  • University of California, Berkeley, BA in Physics & Mathematics
  • Mathematics
  • Physics