Jeremiah K.


Jeremiah is the proud recipient of three middle school diplomas, having split his formative years between southern California and South Korea and their respective education systems. He took this unconventional educational trajectory learning to Williams College, where he studied biology and architecture. An aspiring “architect of the mouth,” he took time after college to work at a Boston-based architecture firm before starting dental school at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. 

Jeremiah has tutored for over six years and has worked with students of all ages. Jeremiah has worked both as a Science Fellow, where he taught weekly science lessons at his local elementary school, and as an Architecture Teaching Mentor, where he created lessons that were engaging and practical. At Cambridge Coaching, Jeremiah enjoys supporting students through the SAT, the DAT, and the GRE.

In his spare time, Jeremiah enjoys playing basketball, European board games (Powergrid is his favorite), and watching his high school sister’s latest TikTok video.

Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard School of Dental Medicine, DMD Candidate
  • Williams College, BA in Biology
  • SAT
  • DAT
  • GRE