Jim P.


Jim was born and raised in upstate South Carolina before he ventured further north to Washington, D.C. to attend Georgetown University. During his junior year, he studied abroad in Scotland at the University of St. Andrews. In fact, he loved bonnie ‘ole Scotland so much that he decided to transfer, stay for another year, and graduate from St. Andrews with first-class honors in History and Theology. Since then, he’s continued to bounce back and forth between the UK and DC: he worked for the Federalist Society for two years after college, and then started an MPhil in Theology at the University of Oxford that he’ll be finishing up in June 2022. His studies at Oxford are fully funded through the John & Daria Barry Scholarship. After this, the plan is to return to the US (maybe for good this time) and attend law school.

Soon after Jim started self-studying for the LSAT, he discovered that he bizarrely enjoyed the test and found it fun. He eventually scored a 180 and likes to approach the test like a puzzle to be cracked. He is a firm believer that with smart and extensive practice, anyone can excel on the LSAT. The key is reinforcing the right habits of mind through continuous practice and the incremental achievement of short-term milestones. 

Outside of his studies, Jim enjoys weightlifting, playing tennis and golf, losing at chess, and reading novels (his favorite authors at the moment are Evelyn Waugh and Jane Austen).


Education & Qualifications
  • University of Oxford, MPhil Candidate in Theology (Christian Ethics)
  • University of St. Andrews, BA in History & Theology  
  • LSAT