Jinna grew up in northern China in the snowy city of Harbin. She graduated magna cum laude from NYU’s Stern School of Business, where she majored in finance and management. After a short stint in finance and three years as a management consultant, Jinna is now pursuing an MBA at Columbia Business School, where she serves as a teaching assistant for accounting and strategy.

Jinna has been tutoring since high school, working with students of all ages.  She works with students on a range of business topics, including accounting and case interview coaching. She also tutors students in Mandarin Chinese at all levels. And, she has a knack for helping applicants to college and MBA programs craft their admissions narratives.

In her spare time, Jinna hones her wine-tasting skills, leads food tours, and plays the latest strategy board games.


Education & Qualifications
  • Columbia Business School, MBA
  • New York University, BS in Finance and Mangement
  • Business 
  • Case Coaching 
  • Chinese