Joseph B.


Joseph may be the biggest Ethiopian you will ever meet, but don’t let that intimidate you. He is fun, enthusiastic, and is excited about teaching! He started out as a young class clown but has now evolved into a science enthusiast.  Serendipity proved to be Joe’s strongest ally at UC Berkeley as he took a biology course by accident (long story) and fell in love with the subject. After earning his B.A. in sociology at Berkeley, Joe had to make a major decision: Stay on the sociology path, something he was very familiar with, or pursue the unknown, and follow his true love. He chose Love. He chose Biology. After years of sacrifice, balancing work at “in-n-out Burger” and school, and taking care of his mother, he was able to earn his MS in Cell and Molecular Biology. The next step was to apply to PhD programs. 25 applications later, he got a “Yes” from Harvard. He is now a PhD candidate within the program of Biological Sciences in Public Health. He loves the scientific method and is well-versed in many aspects of biology. The key to success and growth is to never stop being a student, always be willing, hungry, and most of all, excited to learn!

Joe has tutored both high school and undergraduates in Biology, Sociology, English, and expository/ creative writing. At Cambridge Coaching, Joe specializes in TOEFL test prep, along with SSAT and ISEE test preparation at all levels.  In his free time enjoys reading, playing sports, and painting.


Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard University, PhD candidate in Biology
  • San Francisco State University, M.S. Cell & Molecular Biology 
  • University of California-Berkeley, B.A. Sociology
  • Biology
  • Creative Writing
  • English
  • Sociology