Juan is a PhD in Immunology and Inflammation at New York University School of Medicine where he pursues his passion for understanding microorganisms in a human disease context. He leads projects on the role of the immune system in infectious diseases, such as malaria. His work has resulted in 4+ published research articles in scientific journals and presenting across the country and internationally.

Juan serves as a tutor for Graduate Biology classes such as Immunology and Medical Parasitology at NYU. At Cambridge Coaching, he enjoys sharing his love of science and for the Spanish language with others. He tutors students in biology, chemistry, and Spanish at the high school and undergraduate college levels.

Outside of tutoring, and whenever experiments allow him, Juan enjoys exploring different Latino cuisine across the city and also aspires to become a decent tennis player like one of his idols Olympic gold medalist Monica Puig.

Education & Qualifications
  • Weill Cornell, Postdoctoral Scholar
  • NYU, PhD in Immunology & Inflammation
  • University of Puerto Rico, B.S. Molecular & Cell Biology
  • Biology
  • ESL
  • Spanish
  • SAT Subject Tests