Julie Z.


Julie Zeilinger is originally from Pepper Pike, OH (yes, that’s a real place), and graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University in 2015. Julie is the founder and editor of the FBomb, a feminist writing platform for teens and young adults that partnered with Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda’s organization, the Women’s Media Center, in 2014. Julie has been named one of the “Forbes 30 Under 30,” Newsweek’s “150 Women Who Shake The World,” one of the “Jezebel 25,” one of the “Eight most influential bloggers under 21” by Women’s Day Magazine, one of More Magazine’s “New Feminists You Need To Know,” and one of The Times of London’s “40 Bloggers Who Really Count.” She is currently an Editor at MTV News and her writing has been published on Vox, the Huffington Post, Forbes, CNN, and Mic among other publications. She is also the author of two books: ‘College 101: A Girl’s Guide to Freshman Year’ (2014) and ‘A Little F’d Up: Why Feminism Is Not a Dirty Word’ (2012).

Julie has worked one-on-one with hundreds of young writers all over the country (and world) through the FBomb and MTV, where she helped develop the site’s first youth contributor platform. Over the years, she’s honed an effective process for helping young writers, no matter their initial skill level, elevate their writing skills and produce high quality (even publishable!) pieces.

When she’s not writing, editing or spending far too much time scrolling through Twitter, you can probably find Julie shamelessly binge-watching the CW’s content (Jane the Virgin, Riverdale, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fans – let’s talk).

Education & Qualifications
  • Barnard College, BA in Sociology
  • Expository Writing & the Essay
  • Sociology
  • College Admissions