Junichi was born in Fukuoka, Japan, and raised in New York City. He studied mathematics at New York University, and is currently a PhD candidate at Carnegie Mellon University, specializing in the field of partial differential equations. More specifically, he works on analyzing equations coming from fluid mechanics using rigorous mathematical techniques. 

Junichi has worked as a professional tutor since high school, and has helped many students improve their coursework. Junichi has also worked as a teaching assistant and as an instructor at Carnegie Mellon University, with many of his students describing him as caring and personable, and his lessons as being clear and intuitive. For a typical lesson, he prepares worksheets that are designed to break down difficult concepts through simple examples, with many tailored exercises throughout to help the student master important problem-solving techniques. He also works with students on establishing good study habits that they can carry with them well into the future. 

In his free time, Junichi enjoys spending time with his cat and his dog.


Education & Qualifications
  • Carnegie Mellon University, PhD Candidate in Mathematics

  • Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University, BA in Mathematics

  • Mathematics
  • Testimonial Citation: 
    "Junichi was a wonderful tutor. His lessons were very thorough and helped me understand a difficult topic. With his help, I was able to complete my Partial Differential Equations class with an A+! I am eternally grateful for Junichi's help, as I wouldn't have been able to complete my course without him."
    Testimonial Source: 
    (Mathematics Student)