Karen H.


Karen spent the majority of her childhood roving the streets of suburban Nebraska, where college sports teams have long been named according to corn-related themes.  Karen left these idyllic pastures for the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Bioengineering with a minor in Mathematics and graduating magna cum laude with departmental awards.  After her undergraduate studies, she went on to get her M.D. degree at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS).  She then completed her intern year in Internal Medicine at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.  She is currently in residency training in Ophthalmology at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, where she strives valiantly to peer into the backs of people’s eyes while shining bright lights at them, and is learning to use her non-dominant left hand to poke things only on purpose and never on accident.

Karen has had extensive experiences in education and mentorship over the past six years, including volunteering as a teaching assistant in engineering and entrepreneurship courses at Penn, teaching MCAT test prep, precepting medical school courses including anatomy and USLME prep, and writing practice questions for medical test prep companies.  Karen served on the Admissions Committee at Mount Sinai during which time she screened and interviewed prospective medical students and participated in admissions decisions meetings.  Karen is extremely passionate about tutoring and mentorship – she feels that, with guidance and advances in self-awareness, essentially all individuals can bring out more of their own abilities, and that this self-improvement is a path to a future where people’s skills and passions are better matched with the great needs of the broader world.

In her personal life, Karen is passionate about climbing up rock formations and then climbing back down them for fun, striking and then holding improbable poses in medium-to-large groups of people, and riding on stationary bicycles which by definition do not go anywhere.  She also loves to read, with an appetite for all genres but especially science fiction.

Education & Qualifications
  • New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, Opthamology Resident
  • Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, Internal Medicine Internship
  • The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, MD
  • University of Pennsylvania, BS in Bioengineering
  • Admissions Coaching
  • MCAT
  • Step 1
  • Biology