Katelyn S.


Katelyn is a Memphis native trying (with limited success) to survive the harsh winters of Minnesota. She graduated in 2014 from Marquette University’s Honors program with degrees in biomedical science and theology. While at Marquette, she was one of the first freshmen to receive the University Award for Student Excellence, the highest academic distinction given to students, for her work in creating a new division in the Honors curriculum. After graduating, she chose to take time off before beginning her medical career to assist other future doctors along their journeys. 

Katelyn has now been tutoring MCAT students for over 6 years and has helped over 300 students achieve high scores, eventually gaining acceptance into their top choice medical programs.  In her time as a tutor, she has also helped write many of the most widely used practice exams in the industry, and her work as a content creator has enriched her own knowledge of the MCAT and her MCAT pedagogy. Katelyn excels not only at teaching the full range of MCAT sciences, but also at helping students master the critical thinking and reasoning skills necessary for top MCAT scores. 

When not tutoring, Katelyn enjoys biking on nature trails, stopping at scenic park benches to read science fiction, and indulging in far too much sour candy.  


Education & Qualifications
  • Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Graduated 2014, BS in Biomedical Science, Minor in Theology
  • MCAT