Latoya was born in Montego-Bay, Jamaica, and later moved to Jamaica, Queens with her family. She is currently pursuing an MD from Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Latoya graduated from Harvard College in 2015 with a B.A. in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology, a secondary field certificate in Global Health and Health Policy, and a citation in Spanish. As an undergraduate, she conducted research at the New York Stem Cell Foundation and at the Center for Regenerative Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. She wrote her senior thesis on bone metastasis development in breast cancer, and spent two years working on immunotherapy clinical trials at the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center at Columbia. She also studied Political Science and International Relations during her semester abroad in Barcelona, Spain.

Latoya is excited about helping students unlock their full potential by exploring their own personal learning styles and strategies for success, particularly in the areas of Biology, Biochemistry, and General Homework Help. She has had the opportunity to work alongside peers in a number of leadership positions as a student at Harvard, namely through the Office of International Education, and the Society of Black Scientists and Engineers.

Outside of her studies, Latoya enjoys dancing, yoga, exploring the city, and traveling to new and exciting places!

Education & Qualifications
  • Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, MD Candidate
  • Harvard College, BA in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Homework Help & Study Skills