Laura D.


Originally from New Jersey, Laura moved to New Orleans to attend Tulane University where she studied Public Health and International Development. Upon graduating, Laura joined Teach for America (TFA) and moved to Oahu.  During her two year commitment with TFA, Laura taught 7th grade Special Education math. While becoming certified in math, Laura pursued an MA in Educational Studies from Johns Hopkins University with a focus in Secondary Education. In her second year, Laura co-founded and co-facilitated an all-girl after school club called Empowered. Laura decided to stay teaching for a third year at her placement school, and became certified in Special Education, switched to teaching both math and English.

Following her years teaching, Laura moved to Phnom Penh where she worked for three months with an NGO, the Harpswell Foundation. As a Leadership Resident in an all-girls dorm, Laura taught Khmer university women core curriculum classes related to job skills and debate, and supported the girls with applications and English speaking, reading, writing. While working as a Leadership Resident, Laura became a volunteer with the Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center (CWCC). At CWCC she created and taught informal English speaking and reading lessons to a group of 3-6 adult staff members. Her diverse set of experiences has allowed her to specialize in ESL, elementary, and middle school tutoring with Cambridge Coaching.

When Laura isn’t tutoring or working as a Teen Outreach Advocate, you can find her by the beach.

Education & Qualifications
  • Johns Hopkins University School of Education, MS in Educational Studies: Secondary Education

  • Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, BS in Public Health

  • English as a Second Language
  • Homework Help & Study Skills
  • Testimonial Citation: 
    "Thanks to Laura's patience and encouragement, not only has my mother gotten past her initial aversion to learning and speaking, she is now actively seeking out opportunities to practice English in her daily life. She's been extremely happy about how much progress she's managed to make so far, and now has a very positive outlook on the whole experience (a 180-degree transition from her initial attitude). Laura is a fantastic tutor who knows exactly how to build confidence in her students to kindle their intrinsic motivation. Laura recommended books to her (Charlotte's Web) and taught her how to play audiobooks (she wrote down instructions for my mother on how to access the library audiobook system), which she has been thoroughly enjoying. 90 minutes is also the perfect length for a tutoring session, providing her with just enough content to absorb without being too much to handle. During one of their previous sessions, my mother took Laura around the local area (our residential building, I think?) and explained things to her in an interactive learning experience. It was awesome, she enjoyed it, and I can see many more of these sessions happening (the beach, supermarkets, museums, etc.) in the future. In fact, due to the extremely personalized nature of this type of ESL service, I think this is an area in which Cambridge Coaching, more so than any other company, is uniquely equipped to create value for high-end clients."
    Testimonial Source: 
    (Sam, son of English as a Second Language student)