Leonarda is a scholar who has enjoyed learning from a young age. When she was three, she accompanied her older brother to his first day of Kindergarten and tried to stay, thinking it was her turn to start school.  It was not, but she’s been learning ever since. She graduated magna cum laude from the Honors Program of Fordham University with a B.A. in Philosophy and English.  Leonarda has tutored students in many subjects, including the SAT verbal and written sections, English Composition, Philosophy, and, her specialty, the LSAT, which she has spent the last seven years teaching.

Leonarda has spent more than 10,000 hours working with students, both in the classroom and one on one.  Her time teaching helped Leonarda develop tactics for explaining and breaking down the test’s complicated concepts in ways that students could easily perceive and apply. Her students have improved anywhere from 5 to 25 points on the LSAT, several of whom went from scores in the 140’s to 170+ on the actual exam.  Leonarda’s approach to teaching involves not just learning, but also fun! She knows that enjoying the process of learning is just as important as learning itself.

When she’s not tutoring, Leonarda spends her time writing television scripts, producing web-series, and hanging out with her cat, Ella, who currently has more Instagram followers than Leonarda.  

Education & Qualifications
  • Fordham University, BA in Philosophy and English
  • LSAT