Lucas is originally from São Paulo, Brazil, where he learned to appreciate soccer, Bossa Nova, and Brazilian Churrasco! He moved to Miami in sixth grade, where he started to participate in regional and statewide Math competitions. He attended MIT as an undergraduate, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Physics, and a minor in Management Science. He decided to remain at MIT to pursue a Ph.D. in Mathematics, where he is currently in his fourth year.


Throughout his academic career, Lucas was always interested in education and teaching. As an undergraduate, he served as a teacher assistant and tutor in classes ranging from Introduction to Computer Science to Differential Equations and Linear Algebra. As a Ph.D. candidate, he has worked as a TA for Complex Variables, and once as the instructor for Calculus 1. He has also participated in the Kaufman Teaching Certificate Program as a student, and eventually as an instructor. There, he taught a seven-seminar series to incoming graduate students and post-doctoral candidates with topics that include planning lectures and assignments to inclusiveness in the classroom. Lucas has also been involved with the MIT’s online initiative (MITx), where he has written problems, recorded recitation videos, and served as a TA.


In addition to teaching, Lucas really enjoys playing the acoustic guitar and cooking. He will hold typical Brazilian barbecues for his friends in Boston, usually accompanied by some great Bossa Nova.

Education & Qualifications
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PhD in Applied Math
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS Physics & Mathematics
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • ACT
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    Lucas is truly an outstanding tutor. He takes complicated problems and explains them in a straightforward and accessible way. He is also friendly, reliable, and flexible in terms of scheduling meeting times. My daughter could not meet with him in person because we live in different cities, but he uses a system that allowed him to send all of his notes and explanations in a document to her after each session. All in all, he was tremendously helpful to her; and I recommend him highly.
    Testimonial Source: 
    Julie S. (Parent, Math)
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    "Lucas is highly knowledgeable & well versed with the ACT format. With his friendly demeanor, he was able to effectively coach my daughter. She looked forward to every session and was thrilled at her improved scores."
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    (Natesh, Parent of ACT Student)
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    Lucas is the best; he made a connection with my daughter, and she was comfortable sitting in his care and looked forward to meeting with him online. She enjoyed the learning and the coaching sessions. Thanking Lucas is appropriate and writing a testimony is nice, but it only scratches the gratitude itch. My daughter came away from the sessions with Lucas excited about her maths, and she grew in confidence in the personal sense of her worth."
    Testimonial Source: 
    "Geoff, Parent of Math Student)