Lucas O.


Lucas grew up in Florida and Colorado, but has now lived in the Boston area longer than anywhere else. Lucas received his BS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Physics and is currently pursuing his PhD in Physics from Harvard University. Lucas’ interest in condensed matter physics began while he was an undergraduate, when he became an author on two published papers on graphene. He currently researches quantum computing in semiconductors and was awarded the Quantum Computing Graduate Fellowship.

Lucas has been a TA for physics courses at both MIT and Harvard, and was awarded the White Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2019. Additionally, he has over 600 hours of experience teaching online high school math and physics courses and has taught at a math summer camp for elementary through high school students. His teaching philosophy focuses on learning to ask the right questions, building intuition so that equations are more approachable, and breaking problems down into simpler parts. His goal is to help his students develop a physics mindset by emphasizing key concepts like conservation laws and symmetries. He believes that the best response to a question is another question that guides the student in the right direction so that the student has the benefit of discovering the answer for herself. He also stresses test-taking strategies that are often useful for physics problems.

Outside of the lab, Lucas enjoys attending Red Sox games and can often be found playing frisbee at the dog park with his wife and mischievous puppy Luna.

Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard University, PhD Candidate in Physics
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS in Physics
  • Physics
  • Mathematics