Maggie F.


Maggie probably should have realized that she was meant to be a history teacher when she would force her younger brothers to play school and teach them lessons about the Irish Potato Famine. Maggie graduated magna cum laude from Dartmouth, where she majored in History with a minor in Education and was awarded the Cameron-Glickenhaus Family Fund Prize for Most Promising Minor in Education. After Dartmouth, Maggie was an AmeriCorps tutor at a charter school in Boston while pursuing her Masters of Effective Teaching through the Sposato Graduate School of Education. Maggie taught 10th grade Modern World History for three years at a public charter high school in Boston before moving to New Hampshire to teach 8th grade U.S. History. She is currently finishing her certification courses in General Special Education.

Maggie is passionate about sharing her love of history, reading, and writing with students. She has extensive experience supporting all types of students, including students with learning disabilities. Maggie has sought out professional development opportunities to hone her teaching craft, including completing coursework on Modern Korea and spending a week aboard an aircraft carrier in San Diego studying the Cold War with teachers and leading experts from around the country. As a teacher, Maggie brings boundless positivity and encouragement to her work with students. Her favorite aspect of teaching is building relationships with students and investing in their growth.

When she isn’t teaching and tutoring, Maggie is an avid hiker, amateur triathlete, and enthusiastic home chef.

Education & Qualifications
  • Sposato Graduate School of Education, MA in Effective Teaching
  • Dartmouth College, BA in History
  • History
  • Homework Help & Study Skills