Max A.


Max is a physics Ph.D. candidate at Columbia University studying the evolution of the universe.  He attended Johns Hopkins University where he received Bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and physics and a Master’s in mathematics.  He graduated with University Honors and his undergraduate thesis on the cosmic microwave background received the Dean’s Undergraduate Research Award.  He has also received a Master’s and M. Phil. in Physics from Columbia.

While at JHU, Max worked for two years for the Peer Led Team Learning group, which focused on hands-on and collaborative problem solving.  Max has been a teaching assistant for the past five years, beginning as an undergraduate at JHU where he taught calculus, multivariable calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations.  At Columbia he has taught Introductory Physics I and II (classical mechanics and electromagnetism) and the associated laboratory classes as well as upperclassmen level Electromagnetism and Optics.  In addition, Max led the training of new teaching assistants for one year for the Physics Department at Columbia.   

In his free time, Max enjoys cooking, hiking, and watching lacrosse. 

Education & Qualifications
  • Columbia University, PhD Candidate in Physics
  • Johns Hopkins University, MA in Mathematics
  • Johns Hopkins University, BS in Physics and Mathematics
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • GRE