Michelle R.


Never one to shy away from academic rigor and innovation, Michelle was the first student at UC San Diego to design a program of study in the humanities. She graduated in 2018 with her individualized BA in Humanities in addition to a BS in Neuroscience. In 2020, after self-studying for seven months, Michelle scored in the top percentile on the LSAT. In the summer of 2021, she was named a Paul Hastings Law Preview Scholar. Michelle will be approaching graduate school with the same interdisciplinary blend that she embraced during undergrad, pursuing both a JD from Penn Law School and an MA from the Perelman School of Medicine. 

Michelle possesses the breadth of knowledge and depth of tutoring experience that is essential for her students’ excellence on the LSAT. She was selected by professors to peer-tutor students at UC San Diego in subjects involving logical reasoning, critical analysis, and pattern perception. Michelle has direct experience tutoring the LSAT and has the demonstrated capability of improving her student’s performance. She is eager to accommodate different learning styles with an individualized approach to tutoring.

In her free time, Michelle works on increasing her fluency in Spanish, German, and Arabic in preparation for a career in international health law.


Education & Qualifications
  • University of Pennsylvania, JD Candidate
  • University of Pennsylvania, MS Candidate in Bioethics
  • University of California San Diego, BS in Neuroscience and Physiology and BA in Modern Western Humanities 
  • LSAT