Milena grew up in Vienna, Austria, which may lead you to believe that she loves classical music and winter sports. Though this is true, it was her weak spot for grammar and languages that brought her to the US and convinced her to pursue a PhD at MIT’s renowned Linguistics Department, famously co-founded by Noam Chomsky. At MIT, Milena wrote her dissertation about the meaning and structure of imperatives in Mongolian and Korean. Before coming to the US, Milena received a B.A. in Russian studies and an M.A. in Linguistics at the University of Vienna, and also spent a semester studying abroad in Moscow. Milena’s passion for languages already showed during middle and high school, where she studied Latin for a total of seven years.

Milena has worked as a teacher and educator in both the US and Austria. She has taught German as a Foreign Language to teenagers and adults, and tutored students and professionals across all grades and ages in ESL, German and Latin. Moreover, Milena has instructed many undergraduate and graduate students in linguistics, advised them on research practices and projects and helped them craft college essays and term papers. As a linguist, Milena is especially attuned to the challenges of foreign language acquisition and would be excited to help you improve your German, English, Russian and Latin.

In her spare time, Milena is an avid violinist. In fact, Milena attended Vienna’s only high school that features counterpoint and ear training in its core curriculum; as a bonus, each year her school orchestra got to perform in the Musikverein, home of the Vienna Philharmonics and known for its superb acoustics. With music still an important part of her life, Milena has performed as a member of various chamber groups at MIT. Besides music, Milena enjoys rock-climbing and winter hiking and tries to make it out to the White Mountains as often as possible, where she has already climbed more summits than in the Alps. 

Education & Qualifications
  • MIT, PhD in Theoretical Linguistics
  • University of Vienna, MA in Theoretical Linguistics 
  • University of Vienna, BA in Russian Studies
  • Classics
  • English and Literature 
  • Philosophy 
  • Writing 
  • German 
  • English as a Second Language 
  • Music Theory
  • Linguistics