Mitchell developed a love for mathematics at a young age while playing with beads, dice, and number cards in his home in northern Virginia. After spending much of his time in high school traveling the world to participate in math competitions, he settled in Cambridge, where he received a BS from MIT and was awarded the Jon A. Bucsela Prize. He is now pursuing a PhD in mathematics at Harvard, where he studies various aspects of algebraic geometry.

Mitchell loves to help spread an understanding and appreciation for mathematics. While pursuing his undergraduate degree at MIT, he regularly held late-night math help sessions for his friends in East Campus. He has served as a Graduate Calculus Fellow at Harvard, in which capacity he coached a small group of undergraduate students and provided them with extra practice. He has also served as a Teaching Fellow at Harvard and as an instructor at the USA Mathematical Olympiad Program.

Outside of his studies, Mitchell enjoys performing in musicals, playing board games, and participating in puzzle hunts.


Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard University, PhD in Mathematics Candidate
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS in Mathematics
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics & Probability
  • Computer Science