Morgan B.


A Rhode Island native, Morgan translated a childhood love of going to the beach into a passion for maritime history and archaeology. As an undergraduate at the University of Rhode Island, Morgan became interested in underwater archaeology, diving on sites as diverse as a nineteenth-century migrant ship in Bermuda and a Hellenistic harbor in Israel. She was awarded the Undergraduate Research Excellence Award in the Social Sciences and Humanities, and graduated summa cum laude in 2014.  Morgan won the Marshall Scholarship in 2015 and moved to the UK to complete masters’ degrees in Maritime Archaeology from the University of Southampton and European History from University College London. She has since worked with the Oceangate Titanic Expedition as a member of the scientific team and is set to dive to the Titanic this summer. Morgan is currently a doctoral student in Global and Imperial History at the University of Oxford, studying the role of indigenous boatbuilding technology in the development and administration of the British empire.

Morgan has several years of tutoring experience in the US and the UK. She spent a year after graduate school tutoring high school AP US history, European history, World history, English literature and English language in the Bay Area, and during COVID has been tutoring high school students in the UK who are in need of extra assistance due to school closures. Morgan has also served as a teaching assistant on several history and archaeology courses and mentored students working on independent studies on multiple aspects of the history of the Titanic. Morgan specializes in research organization skills, essay writing, and topics in Global, British, and imperial history.

Outside of tutoring and research, Morgan has been working on her baking skills and is still nurturing a lockdown sourdough starter. She enjoys running, rock climbing, cycling, visiting national parks, scuba diving and reading. She just finished Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude—it may have felt like it took just that long to finish, but was very worth it.

Education & Qualifications
  • University of Oxford, DPhil Candidate in Global and Imperial History
  • University College London, MA in European History
  • University of Southampton, MA in Maritime Archaeology
  • University of Rhode Island, Graduate Certificate in GIS and Remote Sensing
  • University of Rhode Island, BA in History and Anthropology
  • Classics
  • History (European, World, AP, etc)
  • Sociology
  • Human Geography
  • Software (ArcGis)
  • Expository Writing
  • MD Admissions