Noam K.


Noam was born in the great state of Missouri, where he made bows and arrows out of pretty much anything he could find in his adventures in the nearby woodlands. After accepting that his limited adventuring and athletic skills would only take him so far, he decided to focus on his academic studies in high school. He soon fell in love with math, physics, and anything that requires deep thought. Armed with a perfect score on the ACT, Noam ventured to Emory University as a Robert W. Woodruff Scholar, where he got both a Bachelors and a Masters degree in math in four years. He now studies number theory at Oxford under the Marshall Scholarship.

Noam believes strongly in compassionate and tailored learning. No person should ever feel ashamed that they do not understand a concept. Being a mathematician, he knows what it feels to not understand a concept the first, second, and third time he sees it. Noam will help you develop methodologies for solving problems: What do I know about a problem? What do I need to know? And how do I relate the two? Noam loves figuring out how each of his students learns best.

When Noam is not learning the secrets of the Universe in his math textbooks, you can probably find him at a folk music jam session, or taking a long walk in one of Oxford’s meadows.

Education & Qualifications
  • Oxford University, MsC Candidate in Mathematics
  • Emory University, MS in Mathematics
  • Emory University, BS in Mathematics
  • Marshall Scholarship Recipient
  • Mathematics