Preston Z.


Preston grew up in Fremont, California, in the less fashionable suburbs of the Bay Area. He then spent four years in Pasadena, California, studying for his undergraduate physics degree at Caltech.  During his undergraduate years, he focused on condensed matter experimental physics studying the fundamental interactions of light with matter. Upon graduating from Caltech, Preston moved east, and is currently a PhD candidate studying physics at Harvard University. 

Preston has experience across all levels of science tutoring. In high school, he found great pleasure in tutoring high-school level math and physics. During his time at Caltech, he also had experience as a teaching assistant for two terms of undergraduate quantum mechanics classes. At Cambridge Coaching, he’s all about the physics: from the high school AP to a high level college course, Preston is equipped to teach any age physics and math.

Outside of research, he enjoys dyeing cloth and cooking, in addition to staying at home and buying things.

Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard University, PhD Candidate in Physics
  • The California Institute of Technology, BS in Physics
  • Physics
  • Mathematics