Punit combines a bent for the eclectic with a hunger for depth. He graduated from Tufts University with a BS in Biopsychology and Greek and Latin Studies. After a few years of clinical work in ambulances and emergency rooms of Boston, he decided to pursue a master’s degree to prepare for medical school. Over the last nine months, Punit has written his master’s thesis about the association between sports participation and psychiatric symptoms in children and hopes to contribute positively to the discourse around screening and intervention for pediatric psychiatric disorders. As a student of classical languages and literature, which bridge lived human experience with abstract concepts, he is motivated to forge connections between the science of psychiatry and realistic clinical practice. He will attend Boston University School of Medicine for his MD starting this August.

Having decided midway through college that he wanted to become a doctor, Punit learned firsthand just how much optimization and planning the medical school application process takes. He combines scholastic expertise on both premedical content and the MCAT (scoring a 525) with the logistical lessons of the medical school admissions cycle. He is well-versed on all aspects of the MCAT, but particularly biology, chemistry, psychology, and CARS. Punit can also help you with the timing and strategy of your applications, as well as content and academic help for the humanities.

Outside of school and work, Punit enjoys baking bread, playing board games, and studying strange texts. You can often find him running along the Charles toward an interesting coffee shop or new personal fitness record.

Education & Qualifications
  • Boston University School of Medicine, MS in Medical Sciences 
  • Tufts University, BS in Biopsychology, and Greek and Latin Studies 
  • MCAT
  • Classics