Roel Rodriguez grew up in the Rio Grande Valley. Throughout high school, he excelled in both academics and athletics, as he was named senior valedictorian while setting a school record for the 1600 meter run. Simultaneously, Roel immersed himself in a variety of musical endeavors, teaching himself the guitar, bass, drums, and piano so that he could write and produce his own albums.

Roel’s fascination with mathematics, in addition to his knack for engineering his own musical instruments, led him to pursue a degree in Applied and Computational Mathematics at the California Institute of Technology. Eager to apply his knowledge to real-world problems, Roel worked closely with Professor George Rossman (namesake of the mineral rossmanite) to develop computational algorithms for identifying minerals. Roel was also a linchpin of Caltech’s musician community, managing the school’s recording studio, leading his a cappella group, and frequently organizing open mic nights.

Throughout his academic journey, Roel has found great joy in sharing his knowledge with others. Since his early days tutoring at the Mathnasium, Roel has accrued over 1500 hours of tutoring experience in a wide variety of subjects and environments: SAT classroom programs, graduate-level mathematics, and even music theory. Roel enjoys every aspect of the teaching process, as he establishes trust with his students, provides moral support, and serves as an ally throughout the difficult journey of mastering a subject. His teaching style is warm and compassionate, and he strongly believes in the power of working alongside students to build confidence and proficiency.


Education & Qualifications
  • Berklee College of Music, MA Candidate in Jazz Composition
  • California Institute of Technology, BS in Applied and Computational Mathematics
  • Mathematics
  • SAT
  • ACT