Sarah N.


Most law school students probably couldn’t tell you about the series of summers they spent assisting with research in a plasma physics laboratory, but Sarah knows her journey to Harvard Law School was atypical. She studied physics at Harvard College, graduating magna cum laude and with high honors in the field. She spent many of her summers working as a research assistant at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, where she helped her mentors as they worked to develop potential designs for fusion reactors. However, Sarah has always had a broad range of interests (she minored in English and received a language citation in Spanish from Harvard too!), and wanted to pursue a career more suited to her diverse skill set. So, after obtaining a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from Columbia University, she decided to pursue a career in intellectual property law; she has just completed her first year at Harvard Law School.

Sarah has always loved teaching, as she feels it provides a unique opportunity to connect with students intellectually and emotionally that she would not otherwise get. She served as a teaching assistant for a physics lab course at Barnard College while in graduate school, and taught high school math at Blair Academy for 3 years before starting law school. In addition to teaching STEM topics, she also has experience with standardized test preparation: she helped students prepare for the SAT and ACT while working as a tutor at Huntington Learning Center.

When not mentoring students or hitting the books herself, Sarah can be found running along the Charles River, sampling hot cocoa from any of the various coffee shops around Cambridge, or curling up with a good book or TV show.


Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard Law School, JD Candidate
  • Columbia University, MS in Applied Mathematics
  • Harvard College, BA in Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • LSAT
  • JD Admissions