Scott L.


Scott is a teacher and scholar from White Plains, New York, who has spent his life sharing his joy of learning with others. He attended Bates College, where he majored in Classics and Spanish, writing a thesis on Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura, and another thesis on Spanish chronicles of the Inca Empire. Scott is now a PhD Candidate in Romance Languages at the University of Pennsylvania, where he studies the history and culture of the medieval Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal), using sources written in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Latin. In addition to his academic work, Scott has worked in several Special Collections libraries, including Penn’s Kislak Center and the Rosenbach Museum in Philadelphia. 

Scott has taught a wide range of courses centered around language, history, and literature. At Penn he taught several levels of Spanish language, and a historical survey of Spain and Latin America from antiquity to the present. This summer, he will teach a seminar for Penn Summer Prep students that examines global perspectives on the topic of education, with important philosophical writings from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. In addition, he has extensive experience tutoring Latin to students of all ages, from elementary schoolers to adults. Recently, he taught a workshop for elementary and middle school students that explores world history and culture through strategy board games. 

Scott has traveled extensively in Spain, Chile, and the Philippines, and enjoys learning languages and trying new foods.


Education & Qualifications
  • University of Pennsylvania, PhD Candidate in Romance Languages, Spanish
  • University of Pennsylvania, MA in Hispanic Studies
  • University of Pennsylvania, Post-Baccalaureate in Classics
  • Bates College, BA in Spanish and Classics 
  • Classics
  • English & Literature
  • Expository Writing & the Essay
  • History
  • Spanish