Stephen has always been obsessed with the process of solving problems. From competing on It's Academic and Mathletics teams to founding his high school's board game club, he always wanted to be the first to find the right answer. This drive for solutions served him well as an undergraduate at Princeton, where he majored in Philosophy and earned a certificate in the Program in Theatre and Dance. The technical expertise of Philosophy proved to be an excellent tool for Stephen's many professional ventures, from running a non-profit theater company, to working in electronic logistics, to studying Zen buddhism. 

Throughout these disparate passion projects, Stephen has continued to learn and teach, spending years tutoring, teaching, and mentoring hundreds of students from elementary school through college in a wide variety of subjects. He has worked extensively with standardized testing, improving student's scores on the LSAT, ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and AP Exams, among others. He has also worked with students in almost every subject offered in high school, from Math and Science to History, English, Psychology, Government, Theater, and more. Stephen's favorite aspect of tutoring is connecting with each student about what motivates them to improve, so he loves working with students racing ahead of their classes as well as those struggling to catch up.

When not tutoring, Stephen can likely be found at the library reading philosophy, chess, theater, and comics. If he's not there, he may be out working with community organizations figuring out the problems that face Cambridge.

Education & Qualifications
  • Princeton University, BA in Philosophy and¬†Theater
  • SAT
  • SAT Subject Tests
  • AP
  • ACT
  • LSAT
  • GRE