Steve G


Steve is a 3L at Columbia Law School, where he earned Harlan Fiske Stone honors for both his first and second years.  His studies are currently focused on taxation and tax-related public policy, and he has accepted an offer from a well-known firm to practice tax law after graduation.  Other areas of interest within the law include judicial behavior, school finance litigation, and torts.

Before law school, Steve worked to develop two successive startups into successful businesses, including a plaintiffs’ law firm and a tutoring company.  As one of the tutoring company’s founders, Steve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of students throughout the New York area and internationally, developing a passion for teaching and academic mentoring.  Although his tutoring and classroom instruction has covered music, history, English, and mathematics, Steve focuses on test preparation, particularly for the SAT, ACT, and LSAT. His own scores on both the SAT and LSAT were into the 99th percentile.

In addition to education and tax law, Steve is passionate about the arts and spent his first few years after undergrad as a touring musician.


Education & Qualifications
  • Columbia Law School, JD Candidate 
  • Grove City College, BS in Marketing Management
  • Legal Studies