Susan Chambers is from the South, but she now lives in Hackney, London. She went to high school in Florida, earning the I.B. diploma and graduating first in her class.  She then studied English at Rice, in Texas, graduating summa cum laude and picking up the nickname Lady Geddes for winning the Lady Geddes prize for writing.  After a year with Teach for America at the Houston Regional Office, she completed a Ph.D. in English at Harvard, wrote a dissertation on modern poetry and twice won the Bowdoin Prize for best graduate essay. She was also twice awarded Harvard’s Certificate of Distinction in Teaching. Her first academic post was at Wake Forest before she moved to Yale, where she was an Assistant Professor of English for five years. Susan moved to London in 2012 with her husband, a writer, and taught summer school to undergraduates from Yale and Florida State. She also ran her own after school club for primary school kids, laying on arts and crafts, science experiments, cooking and baking. She has three young children of her own.

Susan has many years of teaching experience. She knows how to inspire confidence when students are struggling and how to coax the very best from those who are already doing well.  She loves working on literature and other humanities subjects, and she has a special flair for teaching writing — she’s happy to work through as many drafts as it takes, and has lots of tips and tricks to make essay-writing easier and more fun.  She is also well-positioned to help with applications, having sat on admissions committees at Yale and advised countless students applying for places in medical, law, and graduate schools as well as for fellowships and jobs.  

Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard University, PhD in English
  • Rice University, BA in English
  • Expository Writing & the Essay
  • English Literature
  • Creative Writing
  • Admissions