When Vikram was young he found himself immersed in Mathematical puzzles. It was only natural for him to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication. Vikram went on to work at various software and technology companies where they found his deep analytical skills useful in solving financial algorithmic problems on Wall Street and then at a handful of technology startups in Redmond and Boston area. Meanwhile the pursuit of deeper scientific knowledge lead him to a Master’s degree in Computer Science at New York University (NYU), with focus on Machine Learning. At NYU, Vikram distinguished himself as an innovator by contributing to the field of Deep Learning by creating Neural Network builders.

In all his professional and academic experience, Vikram has constantly been a tutor to his colleagues and fellow students. Teaching came naturally to him and he is often seen as saying that “science is never tough or difficult, it’s only the limitation of the teacher’s imagination and expressiveness that makes it so”. Despite his intense consulting schedule, he managed to publish a book in the field of web security products as a guide for web architects and software developers.

In his spare time, Vikram enjoys playing chess, dancing Argentine Tango, and watching movies.

Education & Qualifications
  • New York University, MS in Computer Science
  • NIT (India), BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Machinie Learning