Xiaoxuan graduated cum laude from Yale with a B.A in Economics and went on to work as an analyst at Bain, during which she discovered her fondness for Boston and her fear of hotel restaurants. Now, she is a graduate student at Harvard studying medieval Chinese literature and history. She spent her childhood in China and South Korea, and lived in Austin for eight years before college. Having studied for several semesters in Japan, she aspires to return there someday.  

As a survivor of many tests and applications,  she hopes to make them as painless as possible for her tutees. At Cambridge Coaching, Xiaoxuan helps students conquer the SAT and GRE, and helps them with academic subjects such as History, Literature and Chinese language.

When she’s not reading the annals (and fantasizing about writing historical fiction), she likes to terrorize her two cats: Maru, an American tabby of superior intelligence, and Hassoun, a British half-bengal of tumultuous upbringing. 

Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard University, PhD Candidate in Chinese Literature 
  • Harvard University, MA in Regional Studies East Asia, concentration in Classical Chinese Literature
  • Yale University,  BA in Economics, cum laude 
  • Chinese
  • GRE
  • History
  • SAT