Yilma is a native New Yorker and a recent graduate of Columbia University where she completed her bachelor’s degree in Physics. She transferred to Columbia after attending New York University her freshman year, and switched her major from Economics to Physics. Her shift to Physics was spontaneous but driven by her desire to explain the world around her.

Yilma has tutored for about seven years and says that teaching runs in her blood! Growing up she always saw her father, a high school teacher, dedicate his time to creating elaborate lesson plans and presentations for his students to follow. Inspired by his approach, Yilma began tutoring while she was a sophomore in high school and has not stopped since! Her approach to tutoring is systematic, thorough, but more importantly, fun! She believes that learning happens best when you are not forced to do it and tries to bring that philosophy to her students as well. Aside from tutoring, Yilma is also a Business Associate at a tech consulting firm where she is able to learn about technology and its impact in financial markets. She also occasionally blogs about her experience as a ‘Millennial in Markets’ for the company website.

In her free time, Yilma is likely to be spending time with friends, watching Bollywood movies and eating pizza – preferably all at once. Her goal for the year is to learn the basis of coding and see how much more she can learn about technology. 

Education & Qualifications
  • Columbia University, BA in Physics
  • ​Mathematics
  • Physics
  • College Coaching
  • ACT
  • Testimonial Citation: 
    Yilma is great! On-time, organized, supportive, serious, kind, helpful, never rushes out. Speaks with me for a while after the lesson is over. Available for questions during non-tutoring times. Generally, my daughter's test scores keep improving, but most importantly, her math comprehension has gone up.
    Testimonial Source: 
    (Parent, NYC, Trinity High School)