Zeshan is originally from Hyderabad, India, and naturally, he grew up recognizing that Hyderabad biryani is the best dish in the world. After falling in love with research in high school as a Repperger Fellow, Zeshan attended Stanford, where he completed his BS and MS in Computer Science (Award of Excellence, Tau Beta Pi Candidate). Zeshan’s research at Stanford dealt with machine learning theory and tumor classification for mammography using deep learning. He is now an MD/PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in the Health, Sciences, and Technology (HST) Harvard/MIT program and plans to continue doing machine learning and deep learning research. 

Zeshan has taught many students computer science, math, biology, chemistry, etc. His strength is his flexibility to teach across disciplines and help students think about their work in unique and interesting ways. Zeshan’s has experience in high school and college settings; specifically, in college, he worked with the local Muslim community, teaching students a variety of subjects, including computer science and health-related subjects. 

In his free time, you can usually find Zeshan reciting Urdu poetry or Quran, playing tennis/basketball/ping pong (any racket sport really), or lifting.

Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard Medical School/MIT, MD/PhD Candidate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Stanford University, MS in Computer Science
  • Stanford University, BS in Computer Science
  • Computer Science (Machine Learning, Deep Learning)
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • ACT
  • MCAT
  • SAT