Born in Poland and having attended high school and college in the United States, Zuzanna has spent most of her life with a foot in each country. She graduated from Columbia University in 2013 with degrees in statistics and linguistics; she is now a 5th year PhD student in linguistics at Harvard, where she has received numerous awards for her teaching. Zuzanna currently has a pedagogical fellowship from the University, and was recently appointed an Ambassador to the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching (HILT). She still visits her hometown of Warsaw, Poland frequently, and she considers Cambridge University in the UK to be her third home, as she spends parts of her summers there teaching math and computer science.

With Cambridge Coaching since 2013, Zuzanna has a wealth of experience in college admissions coaching and SAT prep. She has helped students from Poland and the US achieve their dreams of admission to universities such as Harvard, Columbia, UPenn, and NYU, among others. Additionally, Zuzanna works with younger international students on their written and oral English language skills through engagement with advanced English-language media and literature, as well as through analytical essay writing, tailoring her curriculum to each student’s interests.

Outside of campus-related activities, Zuzanna enjoys going to fitness classes, reading books on popular psychology, and solving daily NYTimes crossword puzzles (or at least trying to). She is also finally teaching herself how to cook – until about two months ago, all she could cook was scrambled eggs, but now she’ll be happy to share her favorite recipes for enchiladas, paneer masala, and various pastas.

Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard University, PhD candidate in Linguistics
  • Columbia University, BA Linguistics & Statistics, magna cum laude
  • Harvard Bok Center Certificate of Distinction in Teaching, 2016
  • English
  • ESL
  • Expository Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Polish
  • Statistics
  • Admissions Coaching (College, HS)
  • GRE
  • Testimonial Citation: 
    "Zuzanna showed me clear rules on how to crack the SAT. I have a rather mathematical mind, so presenting everything in a clear and ordered manner was very helpful. She was very understanding, worked hard, and was always prepared. I improved my score by 300 points at least, so I’m very keen about it."
    Testimonial Source: 
    (Michal Kolakowsky, SAT)
  • Testimonial Citation: 
    "Zuzanna was particularly good at explaining how the SAT works and helping Natalia structure her college essays. In the absence of a high school guidance counselor, this was crucial information."
    Testimonial Source: 
  • Testimonial Citation: 
    "Zuzanna was extremely helpful in the entire application prosess, from writing essays to checking my portfolio works. She also helped me improve my SAT scores."
    Testimonial Source: 
    (Aleksandra, International college applicant)
  • Testimonial Citation: 
    "My tutor helped me in the best way possible. Our meetings were very prolific and helpful. I am really satisfied with the work done."
    Testimonial Source: 
    (Zuzanna Belska, Cranbrook High School)
  • Testimonial Citation: 
    "[What did your tutor do well?] Help me with my college admissions, especially writing of essays. Honestly can't think of anything, she efficiently did exactly what I was expecting from her. Zuzanna is a truly wonderful person and tutor. Supportive, caring, engaged."
    Testimonial Source: 
    (Michal, Polish HS student)
  • Testimonial Citation: 
    "Zuzanna did so many things well; explaining how to write the essay and the supplements, coordinating my writing, fixing grammar, also helping to write the activities and selecting schools. In one word: everything. "
    Testimonial Source: 
    (Julia, College Applicant)
  • Testimonial Citation: 
    "Zuzanna always had exercises prepared for the lesson, and had a plan we were consequently following. Zuzanna is a great person and is very supportive throughout the whole process of SAT preparation. She gave me lots of good advices and tips for writing the test. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor."
    Testimonial Source: 
    (Grazyna, SAT)