Our Tutors

Cambridge Coaching academic tutors are doctoral candidates at Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Cornell, NYU and Princeton’s top-ranked PhD programs. Some of our tutors are pursuing professional paths as MDs, JDs, MBAs, while others are college graduates who have shown themselves to be outstanding teachers. Our hiring is selective, but it also follows basic common sense: we hire qualified tutors for subjects and standardized tests where their expertise is most helpful to students. We are especially proud of our ability to match students at all levels with tutors who are truly invested in the subjects they are teaching. Check out the complete listing of our tutors.

Our academic tutors are grouped into four categories based on their level of teaching experience and feedback from students. Only tutors who receive consistently outstanding feedback are promoted. Because we work with doctoral candidates who are pursuing long courses of study, many of our tutors stay with us for as many as seven or eight years, honing their teaching. Our most experienced tutors hold workshops for less experienced ones, and we try to cultivate an environment in which every tutor can excel in her work.

Standard Tutors

Gifted tutors who stand out for their extraordinary academic accomplishments and their interpersonal facility. Of the exceptional population that applies to teach for Cambridge Coaching, these dynamic tutors strike us with their ability to engage students and help them grasp challenging material. Many of our Standard tutors move on to the Senior level.

Senior Tutors

Experienced tutors who are typically graduate-level experts in their disciplines and who have significant experience as teachers at multiple levels. Senior tutors routinely raise scores on SAT IIs, AP Exams, and GRE Subject Tests, and they receive the highest praise from their students. Many Senior tutors have won teaching awards for their work in university classrooms.

Guru Tutors

Highly experienced tutors with exceptional track records of grade improvement, Guru tutors have worked with Cambridge Coaching for a minimum of 250 hours. Guru tutors are a good match for students who are working within compressed time frames, require a highly-tailored approach, or who could benefit from the attention of a true veteran. Guru tutors receive the highest praise from students.

Master Tutors

Seasoned veterans who have taught a minimum of 500 hours with Cambridge Coaching and who train incoming tutors: our most experienced, successful, and sought-after tutors. This small group never ceases to amaze. They have seen everything. They are able to improve student comprehension and turn around grades. They can help the procrastinator get to work and the most impressive students go the final mile. The most accomplished academic tutors available anywhere.