Pricing and Packages

The packages listed below are based on 90 minute sessions. The frequency and length of sessions are flexible, though most students find one or two 90 minute sessions per week to be ideal. We require a first-time minimum purchase of three 90 minute sessions (the First Time Package) due to the significant amount of preparation that tutors do in advance of the first few sessions. Although we have found the options listed below to be well aligned with our students’ needs, we are happy to develop customized packages.

Service Standard Tutor Senior Tutor Guru Tutor Master Tutor
Standard Hourly Rate $120/hr $160/hr $240/hr $290/hr
First Time Package
3 90 minute sessions
$540 $720 $1080 $1305
Ten Sessions
15 hours, 5% off hourly rate
$1710 $2280 $3420 $4133
Twenty Sessions
30 hours, 10% off hourly rate
$3240 $4320 $6480 $7830