Pricing & Packages

The packages listed below are based on estimates of how long application components take for many, but not all, clients. If you would like to design a custom package, please let us know. You are also welcome to work with us on an hourly basis without the advance commitment of a package.

Service Standard Tutor Senior Tutor Guru Tutor Master Tutor
Standard hourly rate $120 $160 $240 $290
The Overview
2 hours
$240 $320 $480 $580

2 hours. Get a clear, objective evaluation of your law school candidacy, including a written assessment your personal statement and resume. For clients who have not worked with us previously, the overview represents a cost-effective way to get objective feedback on the big picture. For clients who sign up for our Comprehensive Package, the overview is performed by a new coach who has never seen your application before, and who reads it as an admissions officer would. It can take place at any point in the process, but many clients prefer to use this service when their applications are almost done. The overview covers the entirety of your application and provides an opportunity to perfect your message.

First Time Package
3 hours
$360 $480 $720 $870

3 hours. The First Time Package is an opportunity to meet your coach and get started on your applications. Depending on where you are in the process, we may cover your school selection, recommendations, strategic positioning, and/or essay outlines.

Single School Package
12 hours, 5% off
$1368 $1824 $2736 $3306

12 hours. This package is designed for students seeking coaching specifically geared towards their personal statements and resume. Your coach guides you through the crafting of your essay, from an initial brainstorm and positioning discussion through to the final product, as well as helping you to structure and polish your resume, so it’s as effective as it can be. Allows for several one-hour or 30-minute consultations as well as time for your coach to provide remote feedback and editing on the statement and resume. Some students may require more time; this package represents our best estimate.

Comprehensive Package
20 hours, 10% off
$2160 $2880 $4320 $5220

20 hours. Comprehensive guidance on your application. Coaching can address your school selection, personal statement, explanatory addenda, resume, as well as interview preparation, and any other relevant aspects of the application. Allows time for remote feedback and editing by your coach. Includes a second read by a coach who has not previously seen your application. Some clients may require more time; this package represents our best estimate.

Planning Ahead Package
Minimum of 44 hours, 15% off
$4488 $5984 $8976 $10846

16 90-minute sessions of LSAT preparation plus 20 hours admissions coaching (total of 44 hours). This package is a good choice for applicants who want to go through the process in the most efficient, effective way. Includes our comprehensive approach to the LSAT as well as our Personal Statement and Resume package. Your coach will manage your process start to finish, creating a timeline to take you from LSAC registration clear through to submission of your application. It’s also possible to extend the package to allow time to cover more application elements including explanatory addenda and interview preparation. Let us know what you need and we can customize this package for you. Minimum commitment of 44 hours.





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