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The Ivey Guide to Law School Admissions: Straight Advice on Essays, Resumes, Interviews, and More
Written by the former Dean of Admissions at the University of Chicago Law School, this is a no-nonsense guide to the application process, covering everything from the importance of the LSAT to the role of ethnicity, background, and age. Recommended reading for anyone feeling confused by the process.

The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert, Second Edition
A straightforward “where, when, how” guide to navigating the law school admissions system. Gives advice on how to craft an effective personal statement, whom to ask for recommendations, and much more.


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LSAT test-takers continue to decline


Rankings matter more for law school than for any other professional education. But the value of rankings lies only in how well their metrics pertain to the applicant’s needs. Therefore, Cambridge Coaching likes to use two sets of rankings. The first is the most commonly-used list from US News. The second is from the website Above the Law, and it is slightly different from US News’s rankings because it focuses not on GPA and LSAT scores, but on employment outcomes. ATL’s are the only rankings to incorporate the latest ABA employment data concerning the class of 2013. While the top 10 schools presented here are similar - but not identical - the interesting variations come in the #11-50 zone.

US News & World Report Law School Rankings (plus tuition and enrollment data):
Above the Law Rankings

1. Yale Law School
2. Harvard Law School
3. Stanford Law School
4. Columbia Law School
5. University of Chicago Law School
6. NYU School of Law
7. Duke Law School
8. University of Pennsylvania Law School
9. University of Virginia Law School
10. University of Michigan Law School