Our packages typically include an MBA coach as well as a writing coach: Our MBA coaches are from top-10 business schools, and they are dedicated to using their experience and knowledge to help their clients gain admission into the most selective programs in the world. Our writing coaches are experienced writing teachers, editors, and authors who have attended an elite university at the graduate level, and have considerable knowledge about how business schools read applications. All coaches, even those with admissions backgrounds, receive detailed, intensive training from our Master admissions coaches, and are equipped to guide you through every part of the application process.

Whether you’re in your mid-20s and want to jumpstart your career, or a seasoned professional hoping to make the jump to management, our coaches have the experience and savvy to guide you through this arduous process. Our coaches are grouped into four categories based on their level of coaching experience, qualitative feedback from clients, volume of referrals, and their students’ admissions results. Only coaches who have success guiding applicants, and receive consistently outstanding feedback are promoted.  After intensive training, coaches work for a minimum of 25 - 50 hours at the Standard tier, a cumulative 100 hours at the Senior tier, and a cumulative 250 hours at the Guru tier. You can view all our business school admissions coaches here.

Standard Coaches

Gifted coaches whom we selected to work with students through the business school admissions process based on their extraordinary academic accomplishments, editorial and admissions experience, and facility as writing coaches. Of the exceptional population that applies to teach for Cambridge Coaching, these dynamic coaches stand out for their academic credentials, interpersonal fluency, and admissions experience. All Standard coaches have gone through an intensive initial screening, as well as training for business-specific coaching.

Senior Coaches

Experienced coaches who have track records helping students gain admission to selective MBA programs. Senior coaches have worked with Cambridge Coaching for a minimum of 25 - 50 hours, and they are experts at helping their students plan for and complete the application process. These coaches have extensive admissions coaching and editorial backgrounds, and they receive consistently high praise from clients.

Guru Coaches

Highly experienced coaches with exceptional track records helping students gain admission to the most elite business schools. Guru coaches have worked with Cambridge Coaching for a minimum of 100 hours. Guru coaches are a good match for applicants who are working within compressed time frames, who are having trouble representing themselves to an admissions committee, or who could benefit from the attention of a seasoned professional. Guru coaches receive the highest praise from clients.

Master Coaches

Seasoned veterans who have coached a minimum of 250 hours with Cambridge Coaching and who train incoming coaches: our most experienced, successful, and sought-after coaches.

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