“Why do you want to go to business school now?”  This is the most important question that the MBA admissions process challenges you to answer.  Aside from your GMAT or GRE score, your ability to give a persuasive, focused answer to this one question is the most important element of a successful application.  And, because each business school has a slightly different personality, you also need to be able to articulate to each committee why you want to go to their school.  Admissions committees want to know what specific things you will bring to their programs and how you will enhance their alumni networks in the future.  To make a case for yourself, you will need to weave your academic and professional background into a persuasive story that carefully integrates your past experiences, your desire to attend a particular program, and your ambitions for the future.  This story is your argument for admission.

How can Cambridge Coaching help?  We offer comprehensive guidance for every component of the MBA application, from your argument for admission to school selection to interview coaching.  Although clients are free to work with us on a single essay or even a single draft, we find that we achieve the best results with clients who work with us throughout their application process - from the GMAT all the way through to the interviews.  Using a team approach, we will match you with specialists who are best suited to your particular needs.  You’ll work with a current MBA candidate, or recent MBA grad, on school selection, as well as your overall vision, and you’ll work with a professional editor on drafting and polishing your essay.  This approach allows you to best leverage our world-class team to create a truly unique set of admissions materials.

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