MBA Admissions Guidebooks

The MBA Reality Check: Make the School You Want, Want You
A mythbusting, thoughtful approach to every aspect of the process, geared not at mere positioning and posturing, but towards authenticity and compelling honesty. Good at showing how to take risks, and reap rewards.

MBA Admissions Strategy: From Profile Building to Essay Writing
A well-reviewed, comprehensive guide to MBA admissions. One of the better ones available.


Poets & Quants
This is an omnibus (if somewhat superficial) website where MBA applicants can find a wealth of expert information about admissions, rankings

How to Apply to Business School
A four-part series from The Economist, this is a no-nonsense guide compiled by former directors of MBA admissions at Wharton, Chicago, and many others. It covers most aspects of the MBA application process, including essays, resumes, recommendations, and the GMAT. Strongly recommended.

GMAT Club MBA Forum
A wide variety of forums on every type of MBA and GMAT prep topic, searchable by individual school. Not necessarily authoritative, and any claims made should be double-checked, but there is a lot of information here.

MBA Rankings

Confessions of An MBA Ranking Guru
An instructive, revealing article from the man who created the very first MBA ranking list.

The FT Global Business School Rankings
From the Financial Times, these rankings cover business schools around the world. It can be searched by a multitude of different parameters. Also includes average alumnus salary three years after graduation.

The U.S. News and World Report Rankings
These are the most commonly invoked rankings, but that does not mean they are the most reliable. Includes basic tuition rates, and much more information behind a paywall.

MBA Programs in the Media

An MBA Holds its Perceived Value, Even in Lean Times
From the Harvard Business Review Blog, details of a survey of 21,000 business school alumni, which found that graduates during recession years (1980-82, 1990-91, 2001, or 2008-09) are just as likely today to value their degrees highly as those graduating in other years.

The 10 Most Underrated Reasons Why You Should Get an MBA
From Forbes, this is a lucid look at some of the softer, yet no less essential, skills that you can develop in a good MBA program.

Gender Equity at Harvard Business School
Highly informative article about attempts at Harvard Business School to improve their record of gender equity, long a major problem for MBA programs.

Why Some MBA’s Are Reading Plato
From the Wall Street Journal, an intriguing look at why some business schools are making an effort to give their students a grounding in philosophy.

MBA Interview Advice

Seven Commonly-Asked Business School Interview Questions
From, makers of the GMAT, these seven questions are the most likely to crop up in an interview. Any interviewee needs to have prepared solid, compelling answers to each one of these.

Interview Tips and Experiences Forum
This is a wide-ranging, extremely useful forum for tips and questions about the interview process, including extensive lists of potential questions.

Ten Tips for Acing the MBA Interview
A common-sense but useful list.

Preparing for your MIT Sloan Interview
The MIT Sloan interview is different from other admissions interviews. Kindly, however, MIT has provided the structure of the interview for all to read.