Our Tutors

Cambridge Coaching language tutors represent a wide range of linguistic experiences and deep expertise in language instruction. Our staff includes PhDs and Master’s students from NYU, Columbia University, Harvard University and MIT. Many of our tutors are licensed teachers with a passion for language. Others are instructional experts with years of private tutoring under their belts. Cambridge Coaching will always pair you with a tutor whose background and expertise correlates to your specific goals. For example, a PhD might be the best match if you are working on a literature paper, while a former tour guide might be a better fit if you are preparing for international trip.

Common to all of our language tutors is a lifelong passion for language instruction and dedication to making language learning possible and enjoyable for students of all backgrounds.

Standard Tutors

Gifted tutors who stand out for their extraordinary academic accomplishments and their interpersonal facility. Of the exceptional population that applies to teach for Cambridge Coaching, these dynamic tutors strike us with their ability to engage students and help them grasp challenging material. Standard tutors come to us with a language teaching background as private tutors, language instructors, and teaching fellows. Many of our Standard tutors move on to the Senior level after 100 hours of tutoring with Cambridge Coaching.

Senior Tutors

Experienced tutors who are typically graduate-level experts in their disciplines and who have significant experience as teachers at multiple levels. Senior tutors routinely raise scores on SAT Subject Tests, AP Exams, and GRE Subject Tests, and they receive the highest praise from their students. Senior tutors have extensive teaching backgrounds with specific expertise in language and literature. Many are published authors and translators; many have won teaching awards for their work in university classrooms.