Ashleigh R.


Raised in New York, Ashleigh attended Amherst College and graduated magna cum laude with an honors degree in psychology and English.  After college, Ashleigh pursued two years of clinical neuroscience research at Harvard Medical School, studying the neurobiological underpinnings of depression. From there, she was accepted into Yale University’s clinical psychology PhD program. At Yale, she has published empirical scientific papers as well as textbook chapters on mechanisms underlying depression and anxiety, though her current work is primarily focused on cognitive mechanisms that maintain symptoms of depression, and she has used electroencephalography, fMRI, and computational modeling techniques to tackle these questions. 

As a teaching fellow at Yale, Ashleigh is well equipped to tutor many subjects in the sciences and is especially excited about teaching students taking courses in psychology, as well as those seeking mentorship in the graduate application process. She is also versed in BrainVision Analyzer, R, SPSS, E-Prime, and MS Excel.

In her spare time, Ashleigh enjoys petting any and all dogs, reading memoirs, playing Yale graduate intramural sports, and creative writing.

Education & Qualifications
  • Yale University, PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology
  • Amherst College, BA in Psychology and English
  • Psychology
  • Graduate Admissions