Born in Albania, Dori grew up in Wolcott, Connecticut. He graduated salutatorian from Wolcott High School where he developed his love of scientific discovery through recreating famous physics experiments and participating in FIRST Robotics. Dori graduated from California Institute of Technology (Caltech) obtaining a B.S. with Honors in Mathematics. At Caltech, he started his research career, publishing a paper on mathematical aspects of quantum field theory and beginning a research program on certain parameter spaces that appear in mathematics and physics. Dori is now a PhD candidate in mathematics at Brown University where he is continuing his research on the border of algebraic geometry and mathematical physics. 

Dori has an 8 year long teaching career and a passion for spreading his love of discovery. He specializes in math and physics, having tutored students of all levels, from middle and high school math and science through graduate level math. He spent a year before starting his PhD working as an academic coach and college counselor for a tutoring company in southern California, and is now a teaching assistant for calculus classes at Brown University. He has also organized and lectured at several learning seminars and conferences aimed at undergraduate and graduate math and physics students. His teaching style emphasizes a deeper understanding of the beauty of math and physics. 

In his free time, Dori is an avid musician who writes and plays rock music and has performed live countless times.

Education & Qualifications
  • Brown University, PhD in Mathematics (expected)
  • California Institute of Technology, BS with Honor in Mathematics
  • Mathematics
  • Physics