Kristin Sw.


When Kristin had braces in her teenage years, she would meticulously floss every night (despite the difficulty of doing this with wires connecting her teeth). The dexterity she developed and her detail-oriented passion for oral health continued to grow as she attended Rice University and majored in biochemistry and cell biology. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa with Distinction in Research and Creative Works and was the Outstanding Senior in Biochemistry from her research on sickle cell hemoglobins. Kristin’s Loewenstern Service Fellowship at Rice increased her desire to serve others through dentistry. She came to Harvard School of Dental Medicine with this goal in mind. She has enjoyed working with patients in various clinic settings. Kristin is excited to continue her training in a pediatric dentistry residency, where she will continue to develop her skills as a dentist, an oral health advocate, and a teacher. 

Over the years, Kristin has mentored and tutored students with varying backgrounds – from siblings with whom she was homeschooled, to classmates in high school and college, to middle schoolers in Boston through Mission Crimson, to advising Harvard Undergraduate Students as a Harvard College Non-Resident Tutor for Currier Housel. With Cambridge Coaching, Kristin enjoys teaching biology, biochemistry, and chemistry at the high school and college level. She particularly enjoys teaching the ACT and the DAT. Kristin enjoys sharing her excitement for oral health by advising pre-dental students through their applications so that they can become her colleagues in dentistry.

While dentistry has become her day job, Kristin loves to be outside enjoying Boston and the northeast in every season running, hiking, or biking. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are her favorite, but, just like when she had her braces, she continues to take time to brush twice and floss daily to keep those sugar bugs away.

Education & Qualifications
  • Harvard School of Dental Medicine, DMD Candidate
  • Rice University, BA in Biochemistry and Cell Biology
  • Chemistry
  • ACT
  • DAT
  • Dental School Admissions
  • Homework Help & Study Skills